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The Cube

Stay connected and join the world of online sports and events in your own private gym.

StarckGate and The Cube main focus will be on producing the finest technology to our clients that we can ensure perfect transition Software system upgrades to maximise the sporting experience.

To only work with the finest equipment for perfect athletic support.

To ensure an eco friendly product with solar energy panels.

To offer perfect customer satisfaction.

A new innovative way to look at sport. 

Bringing sporty people together and making it as much fun as possible to be fit.



We are building a new innovative ecological product that combines all the elements that are enjoyed by the modern person today : sports, gamification, social platform, competition and team building.


The CUBE module is an all -in one product, the new embodiment of modern sports today. 


With our CUBE module we would like to reach out to people across the world, connect them on a real level to do sports together even though you could be worlds apart. 

You will do your sports privately but you can still be part of a team or just enjoy making friends. 

You find people with a similar drive and motivation and compete or simply enjoy doing activities together through the CUBE system.


The Cube is a gateway to find friendship and share your passion for sports and games.


On the other side the Cube can also serve as a place to recharge yourself, to simply exercise privately and in style, so you can get ready to step into the digital battlefield we live in today.



A Stunning design and state of the art purified air gym for your private and communal use. 


  • The cube offers a state of the art sports machinery, luxury shower and sauna. 

  • Hair dryer and towels provided and beauty and care products. 

  • Gamification options such as running with a team at your level, follow a training schedule of sporting stars, cube live competitions inside Cube or in R.L. 

  • Run in the most beautiful locations with our VR sport location experience. Be part of an online and RL sporting society that allows you to join teams and compete together, row with the best universities, compete or participate in the big running events at your own Cube convenience. 

  •  Ambient lighting and supreme sound system 

  • HD Projectors for all the visuals.

  • Electric glass screen with translucent or screen capabilities for gamification or introductions, body schematics.

  • Air filtering system to eliminate the polluted air and give the sportsperson the best possible fresh air to train. 



At the swimming cube ;

This specialised Cube provides the athlete with an high-tech endless pool. 

Included in this cube are Jacuzzi and whirlpool settings with ambient lighting and ocean views. 

Constantly refreshed disinfecting foot bath, nose clip/goggle dispenser.

Resting seat in pool station.

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