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At AeroFarms, we are on a mission to grow the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity. We are a global, mission-driven company, Certified B Corporation and proud to be named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. Our patented, award winning aeroponic technology provides the perfect conditions for healthy plants to thrive, taking indoor vertical farming to a new level of precision and productivity with minimal environmental impact and virtually zero risk. Through our retail brand Dream Greens, you can enjoy locally grown, pesticide-free produce that bursts with flavor and nutrition, all year round.

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Duurzaamheid zit in het DNA van Bio-Planet en Colruyt Group. Daarom gaan we steeds op zoek naar de meest duurzame manier om met producten om te gaan. Nu testen we vertical farming uit, ofwel landbouw in meerdere lagen. Zo verkorten we de keten van productielocatie tot winkel en verkleinen we onze ecologische voetafdruk. Onze test begint met verse kruiden, beschikbaar in je Bio-Planet in het voorjaar van 2020!

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From the unique way our produce is grown, to the extremely short distance it travels from our farms to you, every choice we make brings you vegetables at the height of freshness, flavor, and nutrition.

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Bowery Farming

Our mission

The inspiration for BrightFarms grew out of our desire to grow food in the same communities where it’s consumed— food that’s fresher, tastier, and better for the environment.



Evolution is an alternative asset manager focused on delivering superior returns to our clients and partners while managing their exposure to risk.

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Evolution Capital Management

Our technologically advanced, urban greenhouse facilities, located in New York City and Chicago, provide our customers with a year-round, local supply of premium quality, pesticide-free produce grown under the highest standards of food safety and environmental sustainability

Gotham Greens

Green Spirit Farms grows local vegetables, herbs & fruits indoors using our innovative Vertical Farming technology 24/7 365 with a minimal Foodprint.

Green Spirit Farms

HUCK2U presents a new approach into the worldmarket of premium luxury mineral water of incomparable taste and in breathtaking bottle design.

Huck Mineral Water

We’ve designed our growing system around the sun, an approach that uses less energy than other modern forms of farming. Our hydroponic growing system uses 90% less water over traditional farming while growing 30 times the amount of crops per acre of land.

Iron Ox

Montgolfier is a leading International Property Investment Company.


Montgolfier Colectivo SA

At Plenty
We grow things.
We do so to address a very real need. The need to revolutionize the way we eat & our impact on the planet.

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Leading technology for sustainable inland shipping

+31 26 303 3828


Innovating composite materials

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At StarckGate ​ The world of Technology is a vortex of products created by an industry with decades of exponential growth behind it. Arguably, this makes it one of the most challenging industries to keep up to date with professionally. Happily, help is at hand Starck Gate offers all the latest inventions and innovations with our team of expertise technology specialists!



Over the past 75 years, the independent enterprise Vanderstraeten nv has built a reputation of being a stable and reliable partner in the general contracting sector.

+32 11 43 14 12

Vanderstraeten NV

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