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Making Urban Air Mobility a reality

We dreamed of a world where anyone could fly wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Whether they were rushing from city to city or traveling from the suburbs to the city center we wanted to provide them with a fast travel option which was affordable, positive for the environment and available on-demand. It had to look great and feel great.

We assessed more than 20 existing aircraft concepts, from multicopters to tilt rotor aircraft, to find the perfect solution but soon realized that none of these satisfied us.

Our answer? We threw away the rule book and invented something the world had never seen before.

The Lilium Jet is capable of traveling up to 300km in just 60 minutes, meaning we won’t just be connecting urban and suburban areas, we’ll be connecting cities to each other too.

As the only jet-powered transition aircraft in the market, the Lilium Jet is uniquely positioned to deliver the full potential of the Urban Air Mobility market, while retaining the ability to land in the most densely-populated urban areas.

We’re expanding the radius of your life.

While each Lilium Jet will be fitted with 36 of our pioneering, all-electric engines, they are each one of a kind. They don’t create the sort of noise you might associate with a helicopter or a commercial jet engine, thanks to their ducted design which captures and dissipates noise before it leaves the engine.

Their low vibrations ensure a smooth and quiet ride for passengers, and their small size means they’re perfectly suited to efficient cruise flight. With zero operational emissions and record-breaking power-to-weight and thrust-to-noise ratios, they are the first ever electric jet engines in commercial certification.

We believe in the power of simplicity and, with no tail, no rudder, no variable pitch, no folding propellers, no gearboxes, no oil circuits and only one moving part in the engine, the Lilium Jet embodies this principle. After all, the fewer components an aircraft contains, the safer and more affordable it becomes.

And, by keeping things simple, we’ve been able to focus on delivering a magical customer experience. From panoramic views to a spacious cabin and gull-wing doors, the Lilium Jet will deliver a flying experience like no other.

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