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Great businesses can be launched any time, even when there's a downturn in funding.

While the start of 2019 might have spelled trouble for some well-established startups, it also saw the birth of companies tackling things like a cure for cancer, superfast internet, and competition for Fiji and VOSS.

Here is our spotlight on one of these companies. We spoke to the founders and took a look to identify some of the startups that had the biggest starts in 2019. HUCK is officially launching out of stealth, our spotlight is on them.


Who is HUCK

HUCK2U presents a new approach into the worldmarket of premium

luxury mineral water of incomparable taste and in breathtaking bottle design.

They are proud to be the first company to go non provenance with their artisanal water worldwide.

Along with their High Quality mineral water they have as well a very interesting philosophy

They developed an ultimate Huck Knights app that gives Huck2U the power to support good causes and charities that are socially and ecologically responsible and adds to the Rebel nature of the company. On this app people can fund, talk and ask questions LIVE with the streamer (the project itself).


Everyone will be able to download the app in the Apple app store & Google play store.

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