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Navigating Its Evolving Competitive and Regulatory Landscapes
How we can help and support you.

Designed for leaders in fintech, we make programs that examine the crosscurrents, challenges, and opportunities for this complex and continuously evolving ecosystem.

Led and designed by fintech’s preeminent thought leaders — pioneering cutting-edge theory and strategic guidance — these programs will cover the economic, regulatory, and technological impact of the fintech industry. Learn how to leverage these forces to create a competitive edge.

Shape Your Organization’s Future

  • Anticipate on competitive and regulatory crosscurrents.

  • Better customised control over the impact of economic platforms, regulation, machine learning, and behavioural friction.

  • Frameworks, strategies, and actionable insights for competitive advantages

Key Benifits


Explore in depth who will be the likely winners and losers as fintechs, bigtechs.


Discover how “economies of scope and scale” drive choices of product offerings and influence the competitive landscape.


Better financial service platforms

Incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning as you learn the benefits of big data and the practical and regulatory challenges of using black-box algorithms.


Explore the interplay between big data, customer engagement, and the strength of your “economic moat” around profitability.


Effective design of digital currencies and fast-payment systems.

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